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Homeowner’s insurance provides protection against damage or disaster that occurs to one of your biggest investments: your home.  Homeowner’s insurance offers the security of knowing that you, your family, your home and your possessions are safe.

Homeowner’s insurance is a package policy, meaning that it covers damage to your property, as well as your liability/legal responsibility for damages you, your family members, or even your pet may cause to other people.  Keep in mind, damage caused by negligent home maintenance is not covered, and flood and earthquake policies must be purchased separately.

Homeowner’s insurance policies include four basic coverage types:

1.       Structural

This type of coverage will pay to rebuild or repair your home in case of damage caused by disasters like fire, hail, storms, and others included in your policy.  Flood and earthquake protection are not offered as part of this package and must be purchased separately.  Other structures on your property (i.e. fence, detached garage, etc.) can also be included in this coverage.

2.       Personal Belongings

This type of coverage will reimburse you for items in your home if stolen or damaged by a disaster listed in your policy.  These items can include furniture, clothing, sports equipment, electronics, etc.  Your belongings can even be protected anywhere in the world with off-premises coverage.  Trees, plants and shrubs are also covered under standard Homeowner’s insurance policies, along with the option to provide minimal coverage for the unauthorized use of your credit cards.

If you have expensive items such as jewelry or furs, you should insure them for their full value with a special personal property endorsement.  This coverage includes “accidental disappearance” in case the item is ever lost.

3.       Liability

This type of coverage helps protect against lawsuits in the event that one of your guests is injured or incurs property damage while visiting you.  No-fault medical coverage is included for guests injured in your home; however, medical bills for you and your family members are not included in this coverage.

4.       Living Expenses

This type of coverage pays for your costs of living if your home is uninhabitable due to damage caused by a disaster listed in your policy.  It will cover hotel bills, meals, and even lost rental income.

Discounts are available for safety alarms, non-smokers and more.

If you have specific questions about homeowner’s insurance coverage, let Legacy Insurance Partners help you.  We can create a homeowner’s insurance policy that is tailored to your specific needs.  For more information, or to receive a quote, call 972.999.9090 or fill out our contact form.

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