Prepare Your Car for the Hot Texas Summer with These Three Tips to Beat the Heat

carDriving around Texas in the summertime isn’t just hot and uncomfortable; the extreme heat can make driving dangerous as well.  Keep your car and your family safe with these three tips to prepare your car for summer:

1. Check the Radiator

Make sure your radiator is full of coolant and that there are no leaks or visible cracks.  Keep an eye on the temperature gauge while driving as well.

2. Examine the Air Conditioner

Inspect your air conditioner to find any leaks, and be sure to clear any debris.  If your air conditioner goes out, have it fixed right away.

3. Take Precautions Before Attaching a Boat Trailer

Check the lights, the brakes and the hitch.  Make sure everything is attached securely and that you aren’t over the recommended weight limit.

For more information about staying safe in the Texas heat this summer, please contact Legacy Insurance Partners.


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