Stroke Awareness Month Aims to Increase Public Knowledge

May is National Stroke Awareness Month which focuses on increasing public knowledge about the disease in an effort to stop it.

Stroke Symptoms

To assist people in easily identifying an individual suffering a stroke, the National Stroke Association developed the acronym FAST.

  • F– Examine the person’s face to determine if one side droops. Ask them to smile to assist in the assessment.
  • A- Have the person lift both arms and hold them out straight. If one arm falls down, it is a sign of a stroke.
  • S– Listen carefully to the person talk to determine if they are slurring their words or talking nonsense.
  • T– The T stands for time. Note the time that you first observed the symptoms and call 911 immediately.

How to Increase Awareness

Even those without medical training can use the following methods to raise awareness about stroke’s impact on individuals and families.

  • Talk to everyone to educate them about the symptoms of stroke.
  • Contact local legislators to gain their support of stroke prevention and awareness programs.
  • Share personal stories about how stroke has affected your life and encourage others to improve their heath.

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