Filing Theft Claims – the Aftermath of a Crime of Violation

Coming home to a burglarized house always elicits feelings of violation.  Sadly, after contacting the insurance company, some people can feel even more victimized as they try to figure out what their insurance policy does and does not cover. While all basic homeowners’ insurance policies cover theft, things like deductibles, minimums, and procedures differ from company to company.  Some companies will replace belongings at full value, and others set reimbursement values at a pre-determined … [Read more...]

Three Essential Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Fourth of July

From Independence Day parades to fun runs and fireworks, Texas sure knows how to host exciting 4th of July events. Unfortunately, while these events are fun, they can also pose several safety risks to those participating.  If you plan to spend your 4th of July enjoying the festivities, follow these three safety tips: 1. Stay Hydrated – Whether you are running in a race or just out in the sun, make sure you drink plenty of water and limit dehydrating sodas or salty foods. 2. Stay Out of … [Read more...]

Five Concerns that Keep Small Business Owners Up at Night

Being a small business owner has several advantages.  For example, you can set your own hours and be your own boss. Unfortunately, it also has its downsides.  One major drawback that small business owners face is all of the worries that keep them up at night.  These can include: 1. Customer acquisition and retention 2. Functionality and reliability of technology 3. Talent management, including recruiting and retaining staff 4. Taxes, government regulations and healthcare reform 5. … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Car for the Hot Texas Summer with These Three Tips to Beat the Heat

Driving around Texas in the summertime isn't just hot and uncomfortable; the extreme heat can make driving dangerous as well.  Keep your car and your family safe with these three tips to prepare your car for summer: 1. Check the Radiator Make sure your radiator is full of coolant and that there are no leaks or visible cracks.  Keep an eye on the temperature gauge while driving as well. 2. Examine the Air Conditioner Inspect your air conditioner to find any leaks, and be sure to clear … [Read more...]

The Legend Of Father’s Day

Did you know that the state of Washington was the first place to honor fathers with an official holiday?  The state's governor proclaimed the first Father's Day on June 19, 1910.  It wasn’t until 1968 that President Woodrow Wilson declared Father's Day as a nationally recognized holiday. Not surprisingly, the inspiration for Father's Day has its roots in Mother's Day.  Mother's Day was the idea of peace and reconciliation activists in 1870 after the Civil War.  In 1908, the holiday began to … [Read more...]

The Dangers Of Summer: Staying Safe Outdoors

The return of warm weather brings the opportunity for freedom in the great outdoors.  However, summer brings its own set of dangers.  Following a few basic safety tips can help avoid medical emergencies.  For starters, although the sun is good for us in healthy doses, too much can lead to painful sunburns and skin cancer.  The American Association of Dermatology recommends using a "broad spectrum" sunscreen lotion with an SPF rating of 30. Water safety is also very important during the summer … [Read more...]

Legacy Insurance Partners Help Prepare for Emergencies

The agency of Legacy Insurance Partners understands the need to be prepared for all emergencies. With the right information, you can be prepared and equipped to handle any emergencies that may come your way. Use these tips to come up with a plan for disaster preparedness: Assemble a Kit: this kit should contain the essentials, such as a gallon of water, any regular medications for family members and first aid supplies. Plan of Action: if disaster should strike, the family may need to … [Read more...]


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