2014 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report: 7 Things Every Surfer Needs to Know

Internet security is a matter of concern for everyone that uses the internet. With this in mind, Symantec releases an annual report on threats to internet security, revealing which areas are the weakest. For the 2014 report, internet users see a rise in attacks on cyber security in some areas, while attacks in others lessened: Hacking accounted for 34% of all data breaches in 2013. These data breaches caused the loss of more than 10 million identities in one year. On average, 2,181,891 … [Read more...]

Happily Ever After is not an Option

Have you ever noticed that many fairy tales have death as a common theme?  Cinderella’s father dies at the beginning of the story; however, she is hardly the only princess to have only one parent.  In fact, only a handful of fairy tale characters have both parents, even if a death is never mentioned.  Every one of these young children had to deal with the grief and horror of losing a mother or father at a very young age.  To compound the difficulty, the children were left in abject poverty. … [Read more...]

Learning to Shut off Utilities to Prepare for Storms

With the inevitable storms that come with spring, homeowners should educate themselves about ways to prepare their homes for inclement weather.  One often overlooked area is shutting off the home’s utilities to prevent gas leaks, water leaks, and electrical fires. Electricity Locate the home’s electrical box and turn each individual switch to the off position.  Then turn off the main breaker, which is larger and typically located near the top of the box. Water Find out where the main … [Read more...]

Stroke Awareness Month Aims to Increase Public Knowledge

May is National Stroke Awareness Month which focuses on increasing public knowledge about the disease in an effort to stop it. Stroke Symptoms To assist people in easily identifying an individual suffering a stroke, the National Stroke Association developed the acronym FAST. F- Examine the person’s face to determine if one side droops. Ask them to smile to assist in the assessment. A- Have the person lift both arms and hold them out straight. If one arm falls down, it is a sign … [Read more...]

May 16, 2014: Jammin’ in the Park

It’s spring and the beautiful weather means several events are being planned to get The Colony residents out of the house.  Our two favorites involve family time in the park! Jammin’ in the Park offers live entertainment on the third Friday of each month during spring.  That means Friday, May 16th, is your last opportunity to enjoy some fabulous family time outside before spring is over. This month’s event will be featuring Identity Theft.  This event is hosted by The Colony City Manager’s … [Read more...]

Factors that Affect the Cost of Life Insurance

Some of the factors that make life insurance more expensive are common sense.  Things like tobacco use, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes make insuring a particular individual’s life riskier—and more risk, means a higher premium.  However, there are some things that may not be so obvious.  Here are some of the lesser known reasons life insurance can be more expensive: Being overweight. Having a bad driving record. Having a bad family health history. Being employed in a dangerous … [Read more...]

Tips for Hiring Safe Commercial Drivers

As a commercial business owner, you have a responsibility to hire safe and conscientious drivers for transporting passengers or goods.  Additionally, your drivers can reflect positively or negatively on your company’s image.  Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find the competent drivers you need.  So where do you start? First, review a detailed driving record of all candidates prior to beginning the hiring process.  Driving records reveal safety performance on the road and can … [Read more...]


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