The Legend Of Father’s Day

fathers day

Did you know that the state of Washington was the first place to honor fathers with an official holiday?  The state’s governor proclaimed the first Father’s Day on June 19, 1910.  It wasn’t until 1968 that President Woodrow Wilson declared Father’s Day as a nationally recognized holiday.

Not surprisingly, the inspiration for Father’s Day has its roots in Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day was the idea of peace and reconciliation activists in 1870 after the Civil War.  In 1908, the holiday began to take on a commercialized presence after one activist’s daughter decided to honor her mother’s accomplishments, by arranging for a huge department store in Philadelphia to conduct a service dedicated to mothers.  This caught the eye of retailers who saw the holiday as a great potential for sales.

A campaign to honor fathers with a special day did not take off right away.  However, the daughter of a widower in Spokane appealed to churches, shopkeepers, and the YMCA to create a day to honor fathers.  The idea caught on and spread across the nation, although many men scoffed at the idea of flowery sentiments aimed at men.

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