Happily Ever After is not an Option

Fairy Godmother

Have you ever noticed that many fairy tales have death as a common theme?  Cinderella’s father dies at the beginning of the story; however, she is hardly the only princess to have only one parent.  In fact, only a handful of fairy tale characters have both parents, even if a death is never mentioned.  Every one of these young children had to deal with the grief and horror of losing a mother or father at a very young age.  To compound the difficulty, the children were left in abject poverty.  Often, the surviving parent remarried a person of dubious character who was intent on making the lives of the children miserable.

It might seem silly, but think of the difference life insurance could have made for each of these young people.  Sure, Cinderella would still have her evil stepmother and two horrid stepsisters, but if daddy had set it up properly she would have received plenty of money to escape and start a new life when she turned 18.  Of course they wouldn’t be fairy tales without the trials and terror, but the point is reality doesn’t offer the happily ever after afforded to our favorite characters.

In real life, there is no fairy godmother or prince that can make everything all better.  The family must deal with unpaid bills, funeral expenses, and the loss of income all while grieving the death of someone they love.  Life insurance cannot replace a father’s smile, a spouse’s embrace, or a grandmother’s sage wisdom; however, it does help the family deal with the day to day expenses that can add unnecessary stress to hurting hearts.

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