Three Essential Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Fourth of July

fireworks over United States flag

From Independence Day parades to fun runs and fireworks, Texas sure knows how to host exciting 4th of July events. Unfortunately, while these events are fun, they can also pose several safety risks to those participating.  If you plan to spend your 4th of July enjoying the festivities, follow these three safety tips:

1. Stay Hydrated – Whether you are running in a race or just out in the sun, make sure you drink plenty of water and limit dehydrating sodas or salty foods.

2. Stay Out of Restricted Areas – Restricted areas are marked off for a reason.  Do not cross boundary lines both for your safety and for the safety of others.

3. Look for Shade – Do not try to get your summer tan all at once.  Alternate your sun exposure with breaks in the shade, and make sure to wear sunscreen.

4. Firework Responsibly – Always purchase fireworks from a reliable source and follow the directions exactly.  A single designated adult should be in charge of any home fireworks display.  And, when in doubt, attend a professional display.

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