Get All The Facts About Commercial Property Insurance

Hearing about the latest fires, floods and storms wreaking havoc on commercial buildings can keep business owners up all night worrying about their own businesses.  Commercial property insurance can take some of these worries away as this policy can protect your business from the most common dangers, as well as those strange circumstances that are least expected.

explosion damage

Many business owners believe that commercial property insurance only covers the physical building and the property that the building is on.  However, commercial property insurance actually offers protection for several aspects of your business.  In addition to protecting your building and property, it also covers:

  • Signs
  • Fencing
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Merchandise and inventory
  • Other properties

This means if a water main break sends a geyser of water into the basement of your building, damaging your files, products, or equipment, your commercial property insurance policy will be there to help pick up the pieces.  So, look into lessening your business risks by contacting Legacy Insurance Partners.



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