The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you’re a veteran rider, hit the highway on the weekends or have just purchased your first-ever bike, you need motorcycle insurance.  Similar to auto insurance, motorcycle insurance offers a variety of coverage.

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Comprehensive vs. Collision Motorcycle Insurance

Comprehensive coverage will protect your bike if it is damaged due to weather or is stolen.  Collision coverage will protect you and your motorcycle should you get in an accident.  Further, you will be able to obtain property damage and bodily injury liability, which covers the cost of damages to another person and his/her property as a result of an incident.

Additional Coverage

If you have customized your bike, you may want to consider purchasing additional coverage to ensure that it is adequately covered in the event of an accident or theft.

Contact us today at Legacy Insurance Partners to learn more about the options you have for insuring your motorcycle. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your motorcycle insurance policy and will help you choose the type and amount of coverage that is right for you and your new ride.




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